Dear friends, family, lovers and souls,


Inhale Miami is well on its way to becoming Miami's new destination spot for community gatherings, yoga, health, music, art and love.

We here at Inhale Miami are passionate about making this practice accessible to all walks of life. We offer a free family class to the community on Sunday mornings at 10 am. The children attending have responded wonderfully to the practice.

These kids are so sweet and love yoga so much. They have been hanging out at Inhale Miami learning the boundless tool of breath to experience empowerment in the body, mind and heart.

In order for us to sustain this free class as well as our events for kids, we need your help.

Inhale Miami's Sponsor a Child's Yoga Class Fund is an opportunity for you to support and donate to the cause to continue offering this practice to eager practitioners who may not be able to afford it on their own.

Not everyone has the same luxuries. Eleven dollars for these kids is a lot of money but they still deserve to know how to breathe deeply and maintain healthy bodies. 

This is also an important method to reduce bullying, violence and crime.

Your donation today will help us keep this program running and offer healing services, yoga events and classes for low-income children and families. 

This includes yoga, acupuncture, bodywork information, nutrition, meditation, music and art healing. 

Please give whatever you can to allow these lovely children the opportunities they otherwise would not have access to. 

Thank you so much for your generous contribution. 




Rikki Kamensky

Founder of Inhale Miami

Sponsor a Child’s Yoga Class

Inhale Miami and MacTown's Yoga for Autistic and Intellectual Disabilities