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Slow Flow Yoga and Reiki
  with  Jackie Vajta
FRI, JAN 19, 2018 | 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

A night of healing- Slow flow Yoga and Reiki with Sitar. $25
This a 1 hour slow flow yoga class designed to help warm up the body and allow for a deeper stretch and relaxation. The goal is to bring alignment of the mind, body and spirit and come into a meditative state in order to experience bliss. All levels welcome to participate in this fluid experience of healing and chakra balancing with the use of Reiki. We will perform Reiki at the end of the class as we go deeper into savasana, all while listening to the sweet melodies of Sitar. Join us on this lovely night as we connect to our higher self, elevate our consciousness and experience healing.

Jackie Bio:
Jackeline Vajta was born in Colombia, with a mixed heritage that reflects her dynamic personality. She is
a compassionate physician interested in specializing in the field of Internal Medicine. She is an inspiring
leader interested in promoting conscious awareness and love. She is a Reiki master and transformational
breathing facilitator. Her vision of the world is one that supports unity, joy, peace and the integration of
Eastern and Western Medicine.

Misty Grotto Bio:
Misty Grotto is a ethnomusicologist who specializes in string and percussive instruments from around the world. He has taken the cultural and social aspects of his knowledge to emphasize a deeper meaning of music and it’s energy. Through theoretical and methodical approaches that include cognitive, biological and other contexts of musical behavior. He has been facilitating and performing for over 15 years on instruments that include: Sitar, Harp, Darbuka, Flute, Guitars, Drums, etc.. As a musical educator and a private lesson music teacher he has mentored people with understanding music through growth. That the power of musical sound and it’s energy is within all of us.

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