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SUN, JAN 21, 2018 | 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Starting Over will be the 7 Week Prayerdanse S~Practice beginning on this potent day of New Years Eve 2017..

Together, we will complete 2017 and begin again supported by the magic of music, the medicine of movement, the sacred container of a loving community and the power of Intention. We will take the time to set the foundation for Creating our Best Year in 2018.

12.31.17 Opening.
Ending and beginning, closing and opening, dancing with polarities we develop our abilities to shift more fluidly and gracefully with change. We become the creator of our lives. You will feel the energy of all that is possible for you by working with Surrendering and Letting Go in the sweet release that happens through the conscious movement of Prayerdanse. Saying Goodbye to 2017 together we create the space for a New Beginning.

1.7.18 Intention
Intention setting through ritual, guided meditation and writing will be shared and moved through every part of your body to anchor your heart’s desires on a cellular level. Moving with Intention allows us to Step into our creative Power. We will work with shapeshifting to deepen our connection to being transformational. Our power to shift supports our ability to live intentionally.

1.14.18 Emotion
We are Energy. Emotions are powerful and by tapping into our creative expression we can better channel and harness our energy. We bring attention to where we are blocked, stuck or still holding on and invite the difficult emotions to come out in our dance. Intention needs the power of emotion to Create and Manifest what we desire. We feel our way into our S~practice of Starting Over with the power of Intention as we clarify our energy through the healing art of danse.

1.21.18 Creation
Drawing on inspiration within us and all around us we will paint, journal and dance. We will expand on our creative vocabulary allowing us to articulate our embodiment. Our best year is created by honoring who we are becoming and becoming who we intend to be. This practice grants us permission to let loose and shape ourselves and our lives creatively.

1.28.18 Manifestation
Living our passion means we align ourselves with the Light. Shadow work teaches us that the gold is in the dark. If we mine the gold and shine the light on our dark side we can be in authentic connection with life. There is a gift in every part of ourselves, and in this practice we will explore hidden aspects and reveal our gifts through different processes in our danse.

2.4.18 Gratitude
Entering the month of Love, we will drop into the heart of appreciation and danse with the energy of thankfulness.
Appreciation as a practice invites kind eyes to see the good. We will invoke kindness into our practice first towards ourselves and our precious bodies, then the space and each other.

2.11.18 Shivasana
We will celebrate our journey together through a wild and magical danse leading us to the sweet spot of Shivasana. We will savor and spend time in this space of stillness, sinking into the quietude of pure peace having released and emptied out. We will take time to share our journey of creating our best year as we complete Starting Over alone and together.

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