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On Purpose, With Purpose
  with  Eugene Gant
TUES, SEPT 26, 2017 | 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM

*Specialty Meditation Class*

Hosted by: Eugene Gant

Why are you here? To be pretty, pampered and kept in your place? To be wealthy and desired by all who want what you have? To be worshipped as a guru and followed for your words and book knowledge by loving followers with high expectations of your godly perfection?

The sum of our lives on Earth together has to be an intangible, unseen product of our experiences here. There is no random life without meaning, no mistakes of creation. Just those of us who answer the call of the Soul or the world. We are born with a powerful and meaningful reason which is waiting to be activated and set in motion. So what are you doing to dis-cover your Purpose and live in this new Light of the Sun?

Join Naam Yoga Therapist EuGene Gant as he guides you through powerful Naam yoga and Kabbalistic meditations designed to reveal your divine calling and help you facilitate a life that supports who you are here to be in this world.

Because we are here ‘On Purpose, With Purpose’!

Eugene Gant is a Naam Yoga Teacher, a student of Universal Kabbalah, facilitates Sacred Retreats and specializes in motivational speaking.

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