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Body as Brush
  with  Brittni S. Winkler
SUN, SEPT 24, 2017 | 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Body as Brush is a yoga workshop developed by artist and curator Brittni S. Winkler that incorporates the use of non-toxic acrylic paint on the body to create physical imprints and representations yoga poses onto paper/canvas. Participants will be guided through a traditional 30-minute yoga class and meditation where they will be guided to choose 3 colors that personally symbolize something for them for their yoga paintings. They will then be lead through a 1-hour free expression class where a one-of-a-kind yoga painting will be made. All participants must bring a change of clothes, two towels, and open toe shoes for clean up.

Brittni began creating work while enrolled in an MFA Curatorial Studies program at Florida International University. Around this same time, she started to practice yoga. Her creative inspirations of this profound period involved identifying a connection between the creation of space in the physical and mental body while practicing yoga with the creation of space as an artist and curator of art exhibitions. Since then, she’s developed several live performances with yoga and paint titled “Creating Space” ( as well as a workshop called “Body as Brush” in which participants create their own yoga paintings using their bodies. In April, Brittni curated an exhibition at AC Institute in Manhattan titled Barely Perceptible, about how artists respond to the turn of digital worlds, gaming, screens and virtual reality. In the future, she hopes to found a multidisciplinary community space incorporating an art gallery and yoga studio for wellness and healing.

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