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Acro Yoga
  with  Ellie Blue
FRI, SEPT 29, 2017 | 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Join us every Friday evening at 6:30pm for AcroYoga with Ellie Blue!

AcroYoga is beautiful to watch and even more fun to practice, and it’s a great way to build strength and resilience. AcroYoga is about human connection, community, giving and receiving, and divine play. AcroYoga is so named because it is a combination of partner acrobatics and yoga asanas.

Learning to practice AcroYoga requires training in strength, flexibility, and especially, proper technique. Many AcroYoga static poses are practiced using three primary roles: a Base, a Flyer, and a Spotter. In AcroYoga classes, students are encouraged to embody each of the three roles. When stacking the humans, accurate self-assessment is important! AcroYoga technique takes time and effort and is best learned with a Certified AcroYoga Teacher, like Ellie Blue.

Ellie Blue is a Certified AcroYoga Teacher & a Registered Yoga Teacher, and will be attending AcroYoga Teacher Training Level 2 in Greece in September.

She has a Bachelor of Arts in Dance, a Massage Therapy Diploma, and over 30 years experience in movement arts.

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