ILLUMINATION - Overnight Planetary Gong Concert

ILLUMINATION - Overnight Planetary Gong Concert

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– Overnight Planetary Gong Concert –

Saturday, June 9th 7:30 PM to 7:30 AM
An unforgettable night of Sacred Sound,
Join Gong Master Trinity Devi and the Sound Avatars and Sound Benders of the Gong Avatar Academy (Miami, FL)
Open to the public this event invites participants to relax, meditate and sleep to the primordial Sacred Sounds of the Planetary

Just like the ancient sleeping temples this sacred space is very conducive to healing and transformation.
As the sacred gongs are played continuously through the night, the physical body, mind and spirit are tuned to the greatest
possible resonance while totally letting go.
Pre-Registration Recommended
Bring yoga mat, blanket, pillow, sleeping bag or compact sleeping pad, and comfortable clothing.


Concert Agenda:
7:30 pm – Event Opens doors, registration.
8:00 pm – Event begins - Welcoming, Tune in and Intention Setting
8:45 pm – Yoga & Meditation
10:00 pm - 6:00 am – Sacred Sound Gong Concert
6:00 am – Wake-up and closing ceremony with yoga, dance, sharing
7:30 am – Event ends

Trinity Devi is a Gong Master, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Sound/Vibrational Healer.
She has been in the yogic path and healing practice for more than 15 years guided by her profound affinity and dedication to the
practice of Yoga, Meditation, Sacred Sound and the Gongs.
Through many years under the skillful guidance of her teacher Sotantar Suraj, Trinity Devi embarked into deep studies and
explorations of Self and Gong Mastery, Sound and Vibrational Healing, Tantra, Self-remembrance and Mysticism.
She leads Trainings for the Gong Avatar Academy in Miami, FL, contributing to a growing community of conscious Gong players.
Through her extensive background and devotion, Trinity Devi brings wisdom, intuition, clarity and a powerful transformative
energy to her classes, workshops and personal sessions.
For more information on Trinity Devi and the Gong Avatar academy visit: &