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A Visual and Sound Experience

Presented by Inhale Miami, Cisco Event Productions, Misty Grotto and Tara Head


On Thursday, June 7th, Inhale brings you a live music sound experience to stimulate all of your senses. 


Visual Light Display and Blacklight

Glow in the Dark Body Art by Tara Head

Live Sitar and Harp by Misty Grotto

Ethereal Beats by DJ Cisco

Deep and Soulful Yoga with Rikki 

Empanadas by Fufi's

Join us for a deep and soulful 75 minute yoga journey taught by Rikki K. including Pranayama breathing, an Ashtanga/Hatha/Vinyasa fusion and a sound healing meditation alongside talented musicians creating a musical experience to bring you back to the highest version of yourself. 


About Rikki:

Rikki Kamensky is a Yoga Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist, entrepreneur, the sole owner of Inhale Miami, a multi-purpose Holistic space in Miami’s Little River district and founding member of non-profit Yoga Kidz Inc.

After opening Inhale in September 2015, Rikki saw the need for affordable yoga in the Little Haiti area and now offers a free weekly yoga class for those who can’t afford yoga, as well as Free Yoga for Autism and coming in August, Free Yoga for Veterans. She opened the non-profit Yoga Kidz Inc. in 2015 to bring awareness to the importance of diversifying the yoga community.

Living, working and studying in NY, she has developed an expertise in finding ways to incorporate yoga, meditation, massage, acupuncture and nutrition into urban life – both through teaching groups and working privately.

Her deep belief in the “yoga for everyone, everywhere” approach led her to start ‘Inhale Brooklyn’ and teach in numerous yoga studios, warehouse spaces, corporate settings and even conscious raves around NY.

In her work, Rikki draws from many influences, inspired by her extensive training in a wide variety of fields including psychology and human sciences at CUNY, Dharma Mittra Yoga Teacher Training (LOAY) and a Holistic Massage Therapy degree from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

After moving from New York to Miami in January 2015, she opened Inhale Miami in September and has been yoga-ing it up ever since.

About Misty Grotto:

Jonathan Matthew Brown (Misty Grotto) is a ethnomusicologist who specializes in string and percussive instruments from around the world. He has taken the cultural and social aspects of his knowledge to emphasize a deeper meaning of music and it's energy. Through theoretical and methodical approaches that include cognitive, biological and other contexts of musical behavior. He has been facilitating and performing for over 15 years on instruments that include: Sitar, Harp, Darbuka, Flute, Guitars, Drums, etc.. As a musical educator and a private lesson music teacher he has mentored people with understanding music through growth. That the power of musical sound and it's energy is within all of us. 

About DJ Cisco:

Cisco is a DJ and MC with many years of experience in the nightlife and event industry. He has worked as a DJ and MC in almost all the Bourbon Street Clubs in New Orleans as well as worked for a VIP chain that covered most of the East Coast and in the majority of the Denver, Colorado mainstream and hip-hop clubs. With his many years of experience, Cisco's strong points are in mainstream throughout the ages & genres (club, old school hip-hop, dance, EDM, lounge, classic rock, alternative rock and more) as well as being an interactive MC for party enhancement. 

I began my journey in my late teens by being crazy rave kid in the late 90's and early 2000's. Being from up north in DC, Baltimore going to warehouse clubs introduced me to how music can really move myself and people. From there began a series of hanging out with DJs, roommating with them, carrying their equipment, handing out flyers, anything i could do to be involved. I loved the entertainment scene and all the moving parts. I got into night club management in my early 20's. This career took me all over the US and during that time, I worked for large chains. I wore many hats and traveled many places. Got familiar with a variety of styles and genres that each city had to offer.  My experienced ear gave me an edge for knowing how to bring the right elements together when working clubs. I loved being very hands on in any promotion i put together. Later in the years I began to focus on DJing and moved away from the administrative role. This transition came very easy and gave me an opportunity to explore and develop a focus on events.  Miami is a mecca for the events industry, so here I came. Since then, I have been making my way in and creating presence in the events scene one great experience at a time.  

DJ & Event services: Production, promotion, planning, entertainment. Founder "Sober Socials Miami". Booking: DM, email, 504-444-8295

Join us on Thursday, June 7th at 7 PM for an incredible evening of movement, breath, lights, art, music and community.

$20 or Class Pass