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Kundalini Chakra Dance 

New Moon Goddess Party

Tuesday, May 15th 

7:30 PM


Inhale Miami

The new moon in Taurus is an Electrical Energy Flow Moon.

Its ready to bring about freedom, change and transitions and rise in consciousness.

The Chakra system is an electrical wheel of energy and will be affected by this moon especially because of the transit of Uranus’s cosmic galactic force. 

It is the perfect opportunity to reset our vision and values and within the revolution of chaos, a new cycle begins.

Join us for this special event as we gather together to honor the evolving nature of our planet and each other. 


Alignment of the 7 Chakras 



The New Moon is the time for planting the seed of intention and manifest within our own power.

This is a women’s only circle and includes a healing session to keep the magic that affects us and consequently the planet.

About Magaly Gonzalez

Kundalini Chakra Dance Facilitator

Bikram Yoga Certificate Teacher

Ganesh Kids Yoga Instructor 

Electronic House Music DJ


Born and raised in Mexico, Magalydevelop a career in Fashion, Model, Acting, and Choreographer since the age of 15.

Her passion for Creative Dance took her to the path of choreographing the Opening of The "Centroamericanos Games" with 700 girls in Mexico City.

After that successful moment; she felt the need to explore the world and delve deeper into awakening the self. 

After living in India at the Osho Ashram where Osho became my Guru, the Kundalini Dance Meditation became my everyday active meditation practice at the ashram.

Moving to Miami has been a rebirth for Magaly bringing her musical talent as an Electronic House DJ combined with her Yoga Teacher Training and spreading the Kundalini Chakra Dance throughout South Florida.