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Rikki Kamensky is a Yoga Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist, entrepreneur, the sole owner of Inhale Miami, a multi-purpose Holistic space in Miami’s Little River district and founding member of non-profit Yoga Kidz Inc.

After opening Inhale in September 2015, Rikki saw the need for affordable yoga in the Little Haiti area and now offers a free weekly yoga class for those who can’t afford yoga, as well as Free Yoga for Autism and coming in August, Free Yoga for Veterans. She opened the non-profit Yoga Kidz Inc. in 2015 to bring awareness to the importance of diversifying the yoga community.

Living, working and studying in NY, she has developed an expertise in finding ways to incorporate yoga, meditation, massage, acupuncture and nutrition into urban life – both through teaching groups and working privately.

Her deep belief in the “yoga for everyone, everywhere” approach led her to start ‘Inhale Brooklyn’ and teach in numerous yoga studios, warehouse spaces, corporate settings and even conscious raves around NY.

In her work, Rikki draws from many influences, inspired by her extensive training in a wide variety of fields including psychology and human sciences at CUNY, Dharma Mittra Yoga Teacher Training (LOAY) and a Holistic Massage Therapy degree from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

After moving from New York to Miami in January 2015, she opened Inhale Miami in September and has been yoga-ing it up ever since.

Rikki is the proud mother of four year old Elijah and is absolutely thrilled, entertained and challenged by embarking on this journey.


Julie V. is a Power Yoga Instructor with specialization in injury prevention and alignment principles. She enjoys inspiring and empowering students to become better versions of themselves.

Julie specializes in customized yoga workout sequences in order to increase flexibility, reduce soreness and promote balance.

Julie is strong and energetic, yet always encouraging and empathetic.

She leads yoga classes for all skill levels and focuses on proper breathing techniques in order to create a better connection to the poses. Julie is also amazing at assisting with relaxation and meditation.

We love Julie!


Jackeline Vajta was born in Colombia, with a mixed heritage that reflects her dynamic personality. She is a compassionate physician interested in specializing in the field of Internal Medicine. She is an inspiring leader interested in promoting conscious awareness and love. She is a Reiki master and transformational breathing facilitator. Her vision of the world is one that supports unity, joy, peace and the integration of Eastern and Western Medicine.


Ganesha will expertly guide you into embodying your essence, wisdom, power and creativity in a joyful and meaningful way. He draws from 12+ years of experience teaching and practicing Hatha, Raja, Kundalini and Tantric yogas, a multitude of healing modalities, and an abundance of love, respect, and gratitude for the benefits of embodied movement.

Ganesha has cultivated a unique and ecstatic relationship to the art of guiding and practicing conscious movement that is inspired by Contact Improvisation, PrayerDanse, 5Rhythms, and other movement practices.

Ganesha is a certified JourneyDance and PrayerDanse Teacher, an IKYTA Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor and a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. His intention and commitment is to help each person re-connect to primal awareness, their self-sensory system and their physical bodies through somatic and meditative research and exploration.


As a yoga practitioner and instructor, Natalia focuses on the restorative, meditative, and energetic aspects of the practice. In a slow, steady way, she gently guides her students through their inner worlds. She has created 9 restorative workshops inspired by the chakras, or energetic centers, and western psychology and leads them internationally. She enjoys working with beginners, pregnant mamas, children, the elderly, trauma survivors, and those coping with autoimmune diagnoses, reminding them that all their answers exist within their hearts.

Natalia completed her RYT 200 certification in Miami in 2014 and soon after became a Yoga Gangster (now Connection Coalition) equipped to work with survivors of trauma. She also holds a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Having overcome depression, extreme anxiety, and insomnia that spanned two decades, she values the process of slowing down and listening to what’s happening inside.