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Sensorium: The Essence of Happy
  with  Maria and Ella
SAT, JAN 06, 2018 | 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Workshop January 6, 2017 7:00PM – 11:00PM


in advance: $45

door: $55

INHALE Presents SENSORIUM – The Essence of Happy

In this fun but deep introductory Sensorium “taster” worksop, you will have the opportunity to experience loving consciously, exploring inner and outer connection with yourself and others.

Navigate your inner universe! Connect with your higher self and with other beautiful beings on a deeper, energetic, authentic, more consciously connected and loving level. Together we do this through the exploration of the chakra system and various tantric dynamic meditation techniques. The embodiment practices include dance, breath-work, massage and ritual into an experiential journey of self realization and transformation.

Explore and enjoy the following:

Connecting on a deeper level to yourself, others and community

Self refection and deeper awareness of your higher self

Tun into, listen to and honor your body & soul

Heightened sensory stimulation and mindfulness

Feel the expansion of your heart energy

Energetic (not physical) orgasmic potential

Feeling good and home in your body

New pleasure pathways

Vulnerability and trust


Emotional Power

Self love

*There is no nudity or explicit sexuality in this workshop. Practices are conducted in a safe and loving container where all boundaries are respected.

The Sensorium


A collective of heart felt passionate change makers committed to integrity in all that we do. The Sensorium is a portal for human exploration, transformational growth and the heart of conscious relating with ourselves each other and the world. We care deeply about friends, families, community and our planet.


Create a global network where you can access the most compelling leaders, facilitators and coaches in the realm of sexology, tantra, movement, mindfulness, transformation, empowerment and relationships both online and live through workshops, classes, retreats and coaching.


To make a positive influence in the paradigm shift, to create a sense of community in a world devoid of true connection, to awaken your senses for a vibrant existence. We support you in finding your purpose, passion and power because your happiness is our happiness.

Your Sensorium facilitators Ella Vate and Maria Fazzingo:

Ella has been a seeker of truth and ways to expand her consciousness since childhood. She is fascinated with human connections, conscious relating and spiritual topics as she has always intrinsically known that body, mind and spirit are ONE, Drawn to Eastern philosophies, she practices Buddhism, Tantra and OSHO’s teachings as well as Shamanic traditions of the indigenous people of the Amazon and energy healing for over a decade. Ella has a Masters in communications and applies the practices mentioned from a place of authenticity, experience and unconditional love she allows spirit to guide her. Through her spiritual path Ella found her way back home to her true nature: self love, confidence, trust, integrity, happiness and a sense of belonging. Her purpose is to share and assist people to elevate their lives. She supports clients as a certified Health and Relationship Coach, Tantra educator and Reiki Master. She guides individuals, couples and groups into higher places of love, connection, intimacy, energy, creativity, consciousness, balance and harmony and helps them find back to their true ecstatic nature.

Maria is a healer and a lover. Once awakened she had a profound personal experience that led to a radical transformation putting her on the path of living a tantric lifestyle, forever changing her perspective and life. She embraced the concepts and practices of self love. Her life became more harmonious, full of purpose, aliveness, pleasure, peace and being love-able. From this space she shares with others on a journey towards self discovery where one can be supported to live fully in their utmost potential with a higher degree of consciousness, vitality and fulfillment. As a Tantra Practitioner, Maria offers modern day dakini support, classes, workshops, retreats and private sessions that combine Experiential and Somatic Practices based in spirituality, Tantra Yoga-bodywork, Sexology, Energetic Orgasmic Potential, Healing, Dance, Tantric Arts, Kundalini Activation, Women’s Circles and more. She has a passion for bringing people and international renowned teachers and practitioners together in heart centered events and sessions, introducing the Tantric arts to Florida and in growing the community.

Come celebrate life with us!

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