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Kirtan Palooza
  with  Guti and Vega
SUN, NOV 19, 2017 | 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Kirtan Palooza Miami One:
Join us for a special Evening of Kirtan Music & Mantras. Kirtan is an ancient traditional devotional music originated in India. Kirtan is not a performance but a group experience, where the leader chants a mantra and the participants repeat, creating a vortex of sacred energy that heals the heart, elevates consciousness and purifies the mind.

Presenting Guti & Vega
Wynne Paris
Miami Kirtan by Divine Value School


Guti and Vega:
Guti and Vega is a cross cultural music project created by Anya Guti, Miami based yoga teacher from Moscow, Russia and percussionist, producer and tango singer from Argentina, Tato Vega.
Together Guti & Vega are creating a new blend of yoga and kirtan music, mixing devotional and exotic melodies of the east with modern sounds and groves of the west.

Wynne Paris:

Wynne Paris is a yoga musician and producer who has played over 2,000 kirtans at festivals, yoga centers, ashrams, house conerts and other venues that feature spiritual music. His Grandmother , a devotee of Yogananda, introduced him to yoga in the early 70’s.
He has recorded and performed with Krishna Das, GuruGanesha Singh, Wah, David Newman and many ohter beloved artists.He has recorded several albums, including Groovananda ( available on iTunes ).Wynne is also a cofounder of the Lovelight Festival, the mid-Atlantic’s newest yoga and arts event.

Kirtan Miami by Divine Values School: –

Kirtan Miami by DVS is a group of bhaktas of the Divine Values School who bring chanting to a higher level. Through their live performances they share their devotion using the ancient mantras called Bhajans to spread joy to those in search of expressing their devotion to the divine. Their Guru Mataji Shaktiananda inspires them to live a spiritual life to reach their true potential through singing and the practice of Shiva Kriya Yoga.

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