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Effiji Breath
  with  Elijah Nisenboim
THURS, NOV 30, 2017 | 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

About Elijah

Elijah Nisenboim: Creator Of Effiji Breath Technique, Began His Journey Into Helping And Healing In 1990 In Canada When An Osho Sanyassin Shared An Indian Breath Technique With Him. After Spending Ten Years Giving Over 2,000 Sessions And Working For His Teacher The Effiji Breath Technique Was Born. Elijah Has Spent His Entire Adult Life Working As A Guide And Helping People On Their Path To Awakening. His Discoveries And Experiences Led Him To Turn Effiji Into A Complete System Of Healing That He Uses Currently In His Programs.

He Has Facilitated More Than 14,000 Private Healing Sessions As Well As Thousands Of Groups And Private Breathwork Events Which Led To The Creation Of The Effiji Breath Technique In 2001. In 2006, Elijah Began To Channel A Healing Message That Went Beyond His Training And Studies Which Became The Foundation For His Current Work And The Book “What’s In Your Roots”.

Elijah Acknowledges His Longest Teacher-Student Relationship Of Over 20 Years With Tai Chi Master George Xu. He Has Travelled To China More Than Ten Times, Studying The Language, Culture And Healing Practices With Many Different Masters. His Deep Love For Music And Recording Led Him To Compose And Record Five Volumes Of Compositions Specifically For Effiji Breath Available On ITunes.


Elijah offer a new format that is now the base structure for public Effiji Breath events. There will be more time for processing around the Effiji Breath experience. The process around the breath includes time for questions, sharing, feedback and insight to better integrate this work into your day to day life.

Bring an open heart and mind as we step into the Sacred Space of Effiji Breath and community. We come together and invite our breath to bring awareness to the parts of ourself that are asleep and neglected. This is an invitation to deepen your relationship with yourself, to better understand the unconscious motives that drive us all and to bring healing to our core wounds and the burdens we carry.

Please dress comfortably, bring something to lie on, pillow and blanket.
Effiji Is A Structured Personal Development Process Designed So That Anyone At Any Stage Of Growth Can Experience, First-Hand, The Power And Beauty Of Their Soul And Can Live Their Life Based On This Knowing. Unlike Other Breath Practices Effiji Is Not A New Age, Subtle Practice, Or Only Available To “Spiritual” People Who Have Had Previous Experience With Spiritual Practice. It Can Be Used By Experienced And Inexperienced, Young And Old And Anyone Who Is Willing To Encounter The Deeper Hidden Parts Of Themselves That Are Found Along The Way To Awakening. Just One Minute Of Doing EFFIJI Breath Will Transport You To Another World Within Yourself That You Were Unaware Of Before You Began The Practice. Its Sole Purpose Is To Create Alignment Within The Self Through Awakening And Self Re-Patterning Your Body, Heart And Mind.

$40 Per Ticket

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